Choosing a Notary

The parties must choose a Notary on the basis of a common agreement.  Should the agreement not be reached, the officer must be chosen by the party obliged to pay the fees and to reimburse the expenses borne in advance by the Notary himself (usually, the taxes).

The choice of Notary must not be imposed by other professionals, estate agents, mediators, etc.; they can suggest a public officer only upon specific request of the customer.

Such a choice should be based on trust. For this reason, it should not be driven only by cost considerations. The customer should also consider the amount of time a Notary personally dedicates to them, aiming to ascertain their will and the practical objective they desire to reach; their capacity in advising users to help them realise their aims; the way they practice the profession and, in particular, their correctness, diligence and competence, as well as their expertise and the efficiency of their firm. In general, the cost criterion is not the best one for choosing a professional service, especially in cases dealing with major issues.